Give Your Cabinets a Much-Needed Makeover

Give Your Cabinets a Much-Needed Makeover

Arrange for cabinet painting services in Battle Creek or Kalamazoo, MI

Want to upgrade your bathroom or kitchen with elegant cabinets that reflect your personal style? You don't have to get your cabinets replaced - just hire us to give them a makeover. Pop's Painting is the company to call for cabinet painting services in the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, MI areas. By the time we finish the job, your cabinets will look like new.

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We can transform your cabinets in 8 steps

Our cabinet painting team is committed to providing the best possible results for every project. When you hire us to give your cabinets a makeover, we'll take the time to:

  1. Clean your cabinets thoroughly
  2. Sand the cabinets to remove imperfections
  3. Prime the surface of the cabinets
  4. Sand them again to ensure a smooth finish
  5. Wipe away dust and debris
  6. Paint and apply a topcoat
  7. Apply a second layer of topcoat
  8. Allow the cabinets to cure for two days

You can expect efficient service and superior results from our painters. Call 269-202-3064 now to schedule a consultation with a cabinet refurbishing specialist.